Note: Aside from the art documented in Rick's Studio and other written pieces in my Library, there are other sources of biographical information on this site outside this autobiography. For more detailed information on my days in the rock and roll business, check out my band site. For a more concise list of biographical elements, see my Fast Facts page. That page also contains several "Favorites" lists outlining some of my favorite musicians, painters, TV shows, and several other things which just might tell you something about me.

i. Introduction
Chicago, Oct 2, 1959 1. Born Into Suburbia (1959-73)
High School, 1976 2. Emerging In High School (1973-77)
College, 1982 3. Ups and Downs of College (1977-83)
Indiana, ca. 1985 4. Too Much of Indiana (1983-87)
Florida, ca. 1991 5. Rock and Roll In Florida (1987-93)
Atlanta, 1998 6. Atlanta, Broken (1993-2000)
Atlanta, 1998 7. Atlanta, Shattered (2001-2008)
San Diego, 2010 8. From Scratch, San Diego (2008-present)
ii. Epilogue

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