South Side of the Sky

South Side of the Sky

1979-80, oil on canvas,
32" x 48"

This work was done a year or so after I quit art school. Spending a couple of years being forced to paint subjects I had no interest in had nearly destroyed the simple joy of artistic creation for me. After several months of feeling pent-up, I realized that I once had actually relaxed by painting, and I decided to try tackling a subject just for fun. In my early years, I had often tackled science fiction themes (example: Karn Evil 9 (First Impression)), so I returned to some imagined land and populated it with the explorers I wished I could be. Some of the imagery came from the Yes song "South Side of the Sky:"

a river a mountain to be crossed
the sunshine in mountains sometimes lost
around the south side so cold that we cried
were we ever colder on that day a million miles away
it seemed from all of eternity...

...the sunshine in mountains sometimes lost
the river can disregard the cost
and melt in the sky warmth when you die
were we ever warmer on that day a million miles away
we seemed from all of eternity.

Lyrics by Jon Anderson & Chris Squire © 1972 Cotillion Music, Inc.

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