If you are a musician or group working in the San Diego, California area, I may be looking for you.

Me at the drums, 2015.

I am a musician who has spent nearly fifteen years, off-and-on, in semi-professional working rock bands in Florida, Georgia and California. I have my own recording studio/rehearsal room and have been writing, recording, and performing since the early 80s, both in bands and as a solo artist. I moved to the San Diego area about five years ago and have been playing drums and bass in a recently-deceased rock band.

I'm open to just about any music project. I like to play out live as well as experiment in the recording studio. Although my main love is rock, I listen to a lot of jazz, and you will find me adept at improvising as well as playing arranged material.

If you need a drummer for a studio project; if you want to jam on weekends; if you need someone to complete your band; if you need a someone to bounce song ideas off of; if you need a producer for your demo project; or whatever, contact me.

You can phone me at (619) 328-7968 or get me by e-mail at rick@ricks-studio.com.


Click on the song titles below to listen to examples of my drumming and production technique.

All the tracks were produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by me at my digital home studio.

Me on drums, vocals,
and guitar on "Medicated".

Me on drums.

I play everything.

See more of my music projects here: Music Archive.

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