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Track listing:
  1. The World Alive 5:43

John Murphy: vocal, acoustic guitar.
Chris Humble: electric guitar.
Rick Hines: 5-string bass, drum machine, tambourine.

Written by John Murphy.
Produced by Rick Hines.

The sessions were under way for what would turn out to be the ...beyond silence EP when the band got a chance to play The Stage Bar. John picked this song out to release as a promotional single, so I quickly mixed it down and handed it off to him. At the time, the band was operating under the name The Silence (thus explaining the text on the front cover). We would soon find that a couple of other bands were using that name professionally, so we ultimately changed the name to Lost On Our Way. A friend of John's provided the cover art, while John put together the label. A sticker was affixed to the back advertising the show. The song would later be remixed more carefully and included on the forthcoming EP.

Arranged by Lost On Our Way.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Rick Hines.
Recorded late summer, 2010 at Rick's Studio, San Diego.

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