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Track listing:

All songs written by Rick Hines except where noted.
  1. That Sound in My Head (Part 1) 0:49
  2. Eyeball Skeleton 2:47
    (Written by Charlie Brown, J.J. Brown and Dad)
  3. Medicated 8:00
    (Written by Rick Hines, Paul Romero and Ken Nakamura)
  4. 125% 5:03
  5. Surface Tension 2:58
  6. S.O.B. 10:20
  7. Jean Marie 3:53
  8. Tracking Shot 9:22
  9. I Couldn't Care Less 5:54
    (Written by Rick Hines and Paul Romero)
  10. New World Man Blues 5:22
    (Written by Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart)
  11. Savage Beauty/Down to Kill 14:10
    (Written by Rick Hines, Paul Romero and Milan Mandic)
  12. Music for Steve Reich 9:20
    a. Fast 2:53
    b. Slow 2:58
    c. Fast 3:29
  13. That Sound in My Head (Part 2) 1:17
  14. Third Saved Message 0:49
    (Extemporized by Pat Hoffman)

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