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Track listing:
  1. I Can't Breathe 4:08 Listen!
    (Rick Hines)
  2. Down on the Street 2:43 Listen!
    (Rick Hines)
  3. I Can't Breathe (Piano Mix) 4:08 Listen!
    (Rick Hines)
  4. I Can't Breathe (Alternate) 4:08 Listen!
    (Rick Hines)

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Dedicated to Eric Garner and victims of police violence everywhere. All lives matter.

  • Rick: vocals and programming.
  • Mac: guitars, bass, keyboards, horns and percussion.
  • Gavin: drums and percussion.

Produced by Rick Hines.
Recorded, mixed and mastered April, 2015 at Rick's Studio, San Diego, California.

Cover design by Rick Hines.

All work displayed on this page © 2015 Rick Hines.
Material may not be used without the artist's written permission.