Welcome to my new page devoted to web-based multimedia projects. Actually, it's kind of "pre-new," since it's still very much under construction. Be sure to stop by on your next visit to Rick's Studio, as many surprises will be here soon. Always check my What's New page.

2001:  Rick's Space Odyssey 2001: Rick's Space Odyssey (2001)
My inaugural multi-media work is a chronicle of my life-changing camping trip across the United States this last April and May. Due to overwhelming interest ("When are we gonna see the pictures?"), I've decided to allow people to watch as I build the site, rather than completing it before making it public. First up was a gallery of my ink sketches. I am currently adding a daily journal in which I elaborate on things that can't be captured with a camera--what it felt like, or what happened at night when lighting didn't permit photography or the weather prevented my sketching. The journal will be illustrated with pictures I took along the way. The photos (culled from 43 rolls of film) will also be used to create several portfolios based on each of the wonderful national parks I visited, capturing their inspirational natural beauty and timeless age.

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