2001: rick's space odyssey

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Introduction Introduction
A brief introduction to my new in-progress art work.
Sketch Book Sketch Book
See the sketches I produced during my times in the national parks across the country. Commentary will explain what led me to spend 40 minutes to over two hours of valuable time on each of these art works.
Journal Journal
The journal is being added in a piecemeal basis. First up are the Pasadena entries to coincide with the end of the Xena series on TV. Soon, I will have similar entries for my camping adventures. These will be edited to improve readbility and fill in a few gaps that time didn't allow me to write about or fully flesh out at the time. Documentary photos will be included. Check back soon to see more.

All work displayed on these pages © 2001 Rick Hines.
Material may not be used without the artist's written permission.