Biographical Stories
Stories culled from my own true life adventures.
  • Thank You (or Not) (2022)
    A story of a lunch non-encounter with a woman whose emotional state was not in keeping with the surroundings.

  • Rick Hines - An Artist's Autobiography (2000, updated 2010)
    My illustrated autobiography, skewed towards my artistic influences.

  • Rick's Marvelous Moving Adventure (1993)
    The story of how I moved from the sticks into inner Atlanta. Originally written as a letter to some pen pals.

  • The Acid Trip (1980)
    One of the most bizarre nights I've ever had was documented in my painting Critical Mass. This is the story, as told in a letter to a friend, behind the painting.
    This story contains graphic drug references and is not for the easily offended.

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Space Illustrator
My first job out of college was working in a drafting room at ITT. An illustrator named Kevin Knoch was opining one day about there not being enough excitement in his work. One of the other drafters suggested he become a "space illustrator." We all laughed at that, but I saw possibilities. I drew the first strip, and it was so popular that I authored three sequels before leaving the drafting room to work in another area. Although I don't personally appear (serving more as narrator), most of the characters in the strips are based on fellow workers and friends.

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Music Reviews
Over the years, I have written a few reviews for products I've purchased from Mostly, they have been music related: albums mainly, books, and DVDs. I realized I'd written quite a few, and they seem to constitute their own body of work. I've collected all my music-themed reviews together for posterity, because you just never know when stuff on the internet will disappear.

The writing has been lightly edited to correct grammatical errors and, occasionally, to reword something to make it more clear in hindsight.

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Xena: Warrior Princess
As a fan of the television show Xena: Warrior Princess, I've found myself writing a few things for fellow internet fans relating to the show.

  • 2001 Pasadena Convention (2001)
    As part of my Multimedia project "2001: Rick's Space Odyssey," I have four journal entries describing my adventures at the amazing Xena Convention in Pasadena, California.

  • "Did I Say That?": Xena Quotes (1999-2001)
    Many of my on-line Xena friends conclude their messages with inspirational quotes from the show. I liked the idea and began to sign off my own messages with my own fictional quotes from the show, usually designed to comment humorously on the preceeding message. Here, I've compiled some of my favorite "quotes" and grouped them roughly by subject matter.

  • Xena's Night Before Solstice (1999)
    A spoof of "The Night Before Christmas" with characters from the show. This piece was picked up for web publication in the December 2000 issue of Whoosh! magazine. To see their layout, including a bit about me, click here. For more about Whoosh!, visit my Links page.

  • Atlanta Xena Con (or, How I Came To Have Xena In My Living Room) (1999)
    Long before I trekked all the way to Pasadena, California for the big 2001 Xena Convention, I attended a day at a convention held in Atlanta. Much smaller in scope, it makes for an interesting contrast with the Pasadena Con.

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