The Uncounted Heads/1979-a The Uncounted Heads/1979-b The Uncounted Heads/1979-c

The Uncounted Heads/

a) January to April
b) September to December
c) May to August

1980, oil on canvas, each panel 30" x 14"

Never having done a triptych before, I of course decided to try one. The original idea was to create something abstract but still with narrative content. The images of the three panels were inspired by very close-up views of a photo in The Rolling Stones' album Beggar's Banquet. The story is that the panels chronicle a year long break-up with my long-time girlfriend. The first four months of 1979 we were together as usual, and the fullness of the relationship was represented by the red, green and yellow colors. The second four months represented a time when we were still together emotionally but physically apart (the green drops out). Finally, the last four months consisted of the break-up, where the red disappears, leaving only sickly yellow.

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